Our Team


Our Team

Our team are clinicians with backgrounds in health governance, regulation, management, leadership, finance and clinical service delivery. We have a detailed understanding of health care. KP Health’s team of expert clinical consultants excel in delivering health consulting services to address technically complex clinical challenges.

KP Health’s team of expert clinical consultants specialise in large, technically complex clinical and public health projects.

Our passion

Our Director, Dr Paul Woodhouse, is passionate about making a difference to the health sector.

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Dr Paul Woodhouse, Director

Paul founded KP Health with Kelly Shaw In 2013. Paul is a respected medical manager with an unparalleled understanding of the complex relationships between hospitals and clinicians. His areas of expertise in health consultancy include health systems organisation and programs, public hospital and health financing, quality of care, and resource allocation.

Paul also has extensive experience in performance management, clinical risk management, government relations and health sector industrial relations. Paul has undertaken a range of projects in the areas of services evaluation, policy, planning and governance in the health, ageing and disability sectors.

Paul is recognised for his ability to analyse clinical datasets with an insight which reflects his thorough understanding of clinical and administrative practice.


Dr Kelly Shaw

Kelly is a public health physician, epidemiologist and clinician. She is an experienced healthcare consultant with exceptional skills in evidence review, program development and evaluation, and health technology review and assessment.

Amber Roberts

Amber Polles
BPharm, MBA, AA, CP

Amber is a pharmacist with high level experience in hospital and community pharmacy practice. Amber is nationally recognised by her peers, her areas of expertise include quality use of medicines, medication management systems, medicines evaluation and pharmacy service review.

Amber is respected for her strong understanding of medicines and pharmacy practice together with her experience in pharmaceutical contracting, policy, and access programs to support cost effective use of medicines.

Amber particularly enjoys working with stakeholders to develop strategies to improve health programs and services. Her areas of expertise in consultancy include evidence review for medication safety and efficacy, service evaluation, stakeholder engagement and models of care.

Jen Makin

Jen Makin

Jen provides consultancy services to KP Health in addition to her role as a program evaluator and social researcher at the Menzies Institute for Medical Research, University of Tasmania.

Jen specialises in evaluation and research to inform policy and program development, including evidence reviews, qualitative and quantitative methods and formative, impact and outcome research. She has particular experience in health communication and promotion programs for the not-for-profit sector in Australia and South East Asia.

Jen is passionate about seeing the results of research and evaluation applied in practice and working closely with those responsible for implementing programs and policy.

Tania Winzenberg

Professor Tania Winzenberg

Tania provides consultancy services to KP Health in addition to her work as Professor of Chronic Disease at the University of Tasmania. She is a registered general practitioner and is a practicing epidemiologist and biostatistician at the Menzies Institute for Medical Research, Tasmania.

Tania has extensive experience in evidence based medicine and in the analysis of scientific data. She has published numerous systematic reviews and meta-analyses in the Cochrane Library and British Medical Journal and has contributed to the development of numerous practice standards and guidelines.

Tania has held a number of high level positions for the Royal Australian College of General Practitioners (RACGP), including past Deputy Chair of the RACGP National Standing Committee for Research and nominated RACGP representative on the Advisory Board for the Australian Satellite of the Cochrane Musculoskeletal Group.

Hanni Gennat

Dr Hanni Gennat
Dip App Sci, BSc, PhD

Hanni is a physiologist, sports scientist and clinical researcher. Her areas of expertise include population health, obesity, chronic disease and multimorbidity, cardiovascular disease, lifestyle risk factors and complementary medicines.

Hanni is respected for her work in systematic literature reviews and guideline development, and has conducted numerous literature reviews for the National Health and Medical Research Council.

Hanni has published a number of textbooks in physiology and in evidence-based complementary medicines and herb-drug interactions. She also has multiple publications in peer-reviewed literature, including for the Cochrane Library.

Professor Colleen Cartwright

Colleen has international teaching and research experience in ageing, ethics and medical decisions at the end of life. Much of this has been aimed at improving end of life care, including adequate pain relief and ensuring patients’ wishes are respected.

Colleen regularly runs information and training sessions for community and health professional groups on ethical and legal issues relating to care at the end of life. Her specialist areas in end of life research include advance care planning, informed consent and capacity, issues for carers, and caring for people with dementia.

Colleen’s work has been published in numerous major journals and books.

Sarah Ahmed

Sarah Ahmed

Sarah is a medical practitioner and clinical epidemiologist with extensive experience working with large, complex health datasets. Sarah is respected nationally for her work in the analysis of general practice, hospitals and ambulance data.
Sarah is an accomplished informatician and communicates complex concepts and constructs dashboards to assist clinicians and policymakers in making informed health decisions.

Sarah is proficient in statistical analysis using a range of proprietary statistical packages.

Alex Kitsos

Alex Kitsos
B Pthy (Hons) M Med Stat

Alex is a physiotherapist and biostatistician who specialises in the analysis of large, complex health datasets and linked health data.

Alex’s clinical background affords him a detailed understanding of the clinical relevance and implications of findings from his analyses, providing a more effective service to clinicians, researchers, health managers and policymakers.
Alex is passionate about improving using health data to improve outcomes for people living with chronic conditions. His analyses inform our understanding of chronic disease epidemiology, and geospatial and sociodemographic trends.

Alex is respected for his deep insights into communicable diseases epidemiology and projections. He is sought after for his analytical skills into COVID-19 modelling and trends.

Our Work

We are a specialist health consulting group. Our areas of expertise include service planning, program evaluation, health technology assessment, financial analysis, models of care, clinical pathways, clinical governance and quality improvement.

Our Team

Our team of expert senior consultants have extensive experience in the Australian health care system.

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We provide high quality health consulting services across the Australian acute, subacute and community health service system.